Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Doug Chayka Speaks

Doug Chayka, the man who made the cover of our new record, 100% Wrong, explains the inspiration and vision behind his illustration.

Click HERE.


100% Wrong is now available via these avenues...

come see me at the Fall Cafe (307 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY) in the next few weeks, I'll be selling copies ($10)


the End Up Records online store.

Other avenues will be added soon (cdbaby, various record stores.... I'll make a list and post it somewhere, I swear...)

The CD release (FREE) show will be Nov 7 at Bar Matchless in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Show starts at 8 with Captain Tom, followed by Wild Honey (Jon Warren, anyone?), the Campbell Apartment, and then the Ne'er Do Evers. CDs, of course will also be available at the show.

Let's dance!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Here's What We Know

The new record from the Ne'er Do Evers will be called "100% Wrong."
It was recorded and mixed by the Ne'er Do Evers with Steve Salett and Jim Smith at SaltLands studio in Brooklyn.
It's coming out end of October on EndUp.
Copies of 100% Wrong will be available at the next Ne'ers show, which is November 7th at Bar Matchless in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
Matt Moon sings on it.
Doug Chayka is doing the cover art, and Bernie DeChant will have photos in there and some hand in the layout process (Bernie currently has a show up at the Fall Cafe, 307 Smith St in Brooklyn... yeah, the place in the Village Voice article... go check it out...)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Get Ready

The new Ne'er Do Evers record, Dirty Shovels Cast Aside, is coming very, very soon (within weeks).
It was recorded by Steve Salett and the Ne'er Do Evers at Saltlands Studios August 5th and 6th. Current plans are to release it exclusively digital for the time being.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Friday, July 18, 2008

News and YouTubes

Hey all.
Not much been cooking since the Gov's Island thing (though from what I understand, the people who did participate had a heck of a time.) Me and Jason went on tour with Balthrop, Alabama, that was amazing. When we got back, Matt and Mike and I got together to do some more overdubs on some recordings of new songs. We're slated to go into Saltlands studio early next month, so who knows what the fate of those little home made studio recordings will be. Maybe print em both, confuse the hell out of people, and not tell em! Let em just buy the record and see what version they end up with...
Not to give away too many spoilers, but we're looking at 9 songs, should clock in just over 30 mins. No idea for a name. Someone say something stupid.
Also, we might partner up with some family when we put this out, so check back, who knows where it'll EndUp.
In short, total stokage. No gigs to report as of yet. Don't get your hopes up for anything before September. In the meantime, feast your takin' in muscles on these, from our May 29 show at Goodbye Blue Monday. Both these songs are gonna be on the new album.


Floory Anna

Sunday, June 15, 2008

NO Ne'er Do Evers At PUNK ISLAND this Sat!! REPEAT, NO!

Due to logistical problems out the wazoo, the Ne'ers will not be performing on Governor's Island as originally announced.
Sorry to disappoint you all, and we'll see you later this summer or in the fall, whichever comes first.
Wait, I know the answer to that...


Thursday, June 05, 2008

June 12th