Monday, November 12, 2007


Got in last night around 3:30 am from our Philly-Cleveland-Rochester-Kingston micro tour (and i was the first to get dropped off.. everyone got home later..)
I have to thank the following people for making this little jaunt totally awesome:

-Mike O, Adrienne, Jaynova + The Otter, Evan, Will, and Matt's Friends in Kingston (can't remember their names.. sorry!) for providing some much needed familiar faces at these shows.
-All the people at the shows who were generous enough to pull money out their pockets and hand it to us for the road. It means a lot, and it helped a lot.
-The good people at Motel 6.
-Nathaniel Rochester's daughter's accountant's house for being so awesome.
-The Hertz NeverLost computer lady for getting us around and having such a calm voice.

We want to offer a very special thanks to our new friend Keith from Tiger Cried Beef and Hinkley for displaying a level of generosity and mind blowing coolness that couldn't have been anticipated.

For a more detailed account, look at mo's tour blog ( See you all again soon!!

Saturday, November 03, 2007


Just wanted to offer a thanks to everyone who came out and saw us play last night, to the bartender who took it upon herself to get us shitfaced, to the Leader for being the coolest band ever, and a big thanks to Mo for making it all happen. She's super-awesome.
Here's a picture Bernie DeChant took...