Wednesday, June 27, 2007

This Saturday

Sunday, June 10, 2007

News Do Evers

There is nothing happening. Nada.
Okay, not really, actually last week we went to practice only to discover a scheduling snafu with the "by-the-hour" rehearsal pad we use in Williamsburg. We were down for the 13th. So we went and drank some beer instead. I think it was our best practice yet!
Oooh! And just yesterday the rarest of rare things happened, i went to a stoop sale that actually had CDs i'd be interested in! I really couldn't justify spending the money, but shit, how often does that happen?? So i bought these fancy titles:
1)Black Sabbath's Greatest Hits
2)The Band- Music from Big Pink (almost typed big punk... ooooh! next record title after IG!)
3)Neutral Milk Hotel - some little 4 song ep (pretty much bought for Mo)
4)Built to Spill- Perfect from Now On
5)Flaming Lips- that earlier one with "she don't use jelly" on it... i often feel like they justify everything i want to do on record with that early stuff...
6)REM- Eponymous (pretty much bought for when Mo's not around... NOT an REM fan)
7)Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' Greatest Hits
Also just lately i bought Kyle's old Ampeg Gemini I amp (not at the stoop sale.) So now i'm gonna be louder and more vintagey. i was telling my friend Margaret that i'm worried it's a penile "mike's amp is bigger than mine" thing, but damn man, when i look at Ne'ers pics, my fender looks like a kiddie amp!
And yes, the road i'm on does indeed lead to Marshall stacks... on the horizon....
All this reminds me to reassure you, don't be scared about the show at Rocketship on the 30th. There will be FREE EARPLUGS that night, i just bought a box of 200 pairs, so assuming there's not 200 people there, you got a pair waitin for ya! Super-stoked about the show by the way... Rocketship parties are always awesome, lots of cool people, beer, this time around my folks will be in from Canton, OH...
Speaking of awesome people, here's a message for people going to Rocketship... DON'T SIT ON THE COMIC BOOKS!!! OKAY?? I personally don't care if you don't have a place to sit, these people are kind enough to ply you with free drinks in their store and put on a kick ass event selling kick ass books... which should NOT be under your ass! Also, don't put your drinks on them, don't put food on them... they are trying to SELL these things, thank you.
And if you ever read this, which you probably won't, you most likely will not know who you are. You are that big of an asshole.
Alright. I've had enough of this weirdness. I should do something productive-esque.


PS... Mo, Matt and his girl Vesna, friends Nancy and Gabe, and I went to see Dinosaur Jr at Irving Plaza this last Thurs, the 7th. This is what we saw... Mo took these pics...wait, maybe i did... one of us....