Sunday, April 27, 2008

People are talking...

First off, thanks to everyone who came out and saw us last night at Tommy's Tavern. It was a humdinger of a rock show... my heart breaks for all the people who couldn't stay for the bands after us, Organized Sports and Cleveland's Mystery of Two. They were, and are, great (it was late, though, midnight by the time we finished....) Y'all are troopers.

So the Ne'ers are cropping up in the interwebs. Here's Jana Martin's blog about us:
Ever Since the Age of 4

And evidently we got some airplay back in January on Mix Tape Radio, WUSB Stony Brook, 90.1 FM. It's on every Wed, 12am-3am. We're in there with Prodigy and Rainer Maria. Hmm. Cool. Go write them immediately and tell them to play us some more.
Mix Tape Radio Playlist 1/17/08

So that's all for now. Still chipping away at new stuff. We're aiming to at LEAST have a 7" out this fall, if not a whole record. Shooting for both, but we'll see...

Monday, April 21, 2008

April 26th- This Sat!

Mystery of Two.
Organized Sports.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Four (more) reasons to love NE Ohio right now

mystery of two (they're playing with us at tommy's tavern in greenpoint on april 26)

trouble books


bob buckridge

Friday, April 04, 2008

Been a spell....

It occurred to me that this would be a nice place to keep people updated.
Then it occurred to me that I didn't have many updates.
Still, when's that stopped me from talking entirely too much about nothing at all? Here's a haiku about it...
"I have naught to say
Seven syllables go here
And then five more."


Alright, so, in recent news, holy shit! is almost completely up and running. I haven't sent out a grand announcement with shouting and flags, so consider this a soft opening, if you will. Once I'm done with the mega-MP3 section, there will be a formal email/bulletin.

The next Ne'er Do Evers gig will be April 26 at Tommy's Tavern, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We'll be joined by our good friends in Heap, Mystery of Two (from Cleveland, OH), and Organized Sports. Show starts at 10 pm, so come on out and rock your weekend. Yep, I said ROCK.

In the meantine, there's gonna be a Balthrop, Alabama show at Joe's Pub April 18 (Balthrop is, as you may well know, a band that Jason, Matt and myself are all in...) We're fairly sure that it'll sell out on the heels of our "God Loves My Country" single, so grab them tickets in advance! Like, now! (Skeedaddle on over to for more details...)

Not sure what Mike has cooking right now, somethin big, I think. I should call him later...