Friday, November 24, 2006

the following advertisement paid for by.. um... buy my stuff!!

hey everyone, i'm bored and i've been looking at Lou Barlow's loobiecore site (, and his little "merch table" section. says there that he sends out everything himself, outta his house and everything, and i thought, "hey, that sounds like a great way to make little to no money, go to the post office, and feel kinda important!" so i'd like to take this opportunity to let all of you know that there is indeed stuff that could be sold to someone as cool as you! this stuff includes: (all postage included, yo)

Ne'er Do Evers- self titled (cdr, xerox, and sharpy... yaha!) original lineup feat. Josh Kaufman, Geoff Mann, Mike Quoma, and others $3

Chris Buckridge- Swear Jar ep (same format as above) 4 track solo recording featuring.. um... Chris Buckridge $3

Ne'er Do Evers/Swear Jar on one cdr- $5

Chris Buckridge- Vessels ep (bar code, factory sealed, hotcha!) me and Brad Craig made this 5 song wonder, it came out this year- $5

Ne'er Do Ever tshirts (avail. in M, L, XL) hand stenciled NDE purple on white- $5

each order comes with a free Make Friends Hour button, and for $1 extra, i'll throw in an unmastered sampler from next year's record, Idiot Garden.

so hey... give me and my sharpies reason to exist! what else you gonna do? buy stuff from Lou Barlow?? (seriously, i like Lou Barlow a lot, and am just now about to buy like, $5O worth of stuff from loobiecore, and you should too... he's got a kid now, you know!)


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