Sunday, May 20, 2007

News, updates, gratuitous blogging.....

Hey all... (^ne'ers at sputnik, courtesy mo....)
In lieu of an upcoming Ne'ers gig (nothing till June 30th at Rocketship), lemme give you some updates to get all hot 'n' bothered over...
First off, we're pulling together the art right now for Idiot Garden, which will be the 4th record of Buckridge tunes, second under the name Ne'er Do Evers, and second release on Make Friends Hour. Like Vessels, you'll be able to get it on CDBaby as well as iTunes, Rhapsody, and lots of other places. Look for it in late October, followed by some promo gigs (hopefully one or two out of town).... if y'all have any recommendations as to where to send it for playing/reviews, pass em along.
(this is what the first Ne'ers record looked like... how many of y'all got this? you can still download it on for FREE, motherfucker!)

Also talking about building us a proper Ne'ers website, with the help of our friend Jane. It will hopefully be full of demos, merch, pics, and other assorted goodies... I'll let you know as soon as that goes up.
In the meantime, I'm going to try and write some more material. It's a slow and meandering process for me, usually only spurned on by a recording bug (wanna record, but don't have any new material...) and I think I'm starting to feel the bite. It looks like the Ne'ers are gonna get their own practice space in the next few months (FINALLY) so who knows what that will bring?
C'est ca, for now. See you soon...


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