Sunday, July 29, 2007

Aug 1!!!!!!!

Yeah, we're playing. See those special guests on that Abe Lincoln Jr flier? That's Capt. Tom and the Leader. So let me rephrase that.... FUCK YEAH.
Other little interesting points I should bring up here, we will be playing sans drummer and compensating for that sonically, so if you were ever curious about what my singing voice sounds like and missed the acoustic stuff I did a couple of months ago, this is your chance! Though to stress, it will NOT be acoustic... all Ne'ers are playing.
Also, this is the last gig we have planned until the end up October, when we do the Idiot Garden CD release. We will have a drummer for that. I hope.
As a teaser, here's some art from Idiot Garden, including the tracklist... salivate on, my droogies...


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