Monday, November 12, 2007


Got in last night around 3:30 am from our Philly-Cleveland-Rochester-Kingston micro tour (and i was the first to get dropped off.. everyone got home later..)
I have to thank the following people for making this little jaunt totally awesome:

-Mike O, Adrienne, Jaynova + The Otter, Evan, Will, and Matt's Friends in Kingston (can't remember their names.. sorry!) for providing some much needed familiar faces at these shows.
-All the people at the shows who were generous enough to pull money out their pockets and hand it to us for the road. It means a lot, and it helped a lot.
-The good people at Motel 6.
-Nathaniel Rochester's daughter's accountant's house for being so awesome.
-The Hertz NeverLost computer lady for getting us around and having such a calm voice.

We want to offer a very special thanks to our new friend Keith from Tiger Cried Beef and Hinkley for displaying a level of generosity and mind blowing coolness that couldn't have been anticipated.

For a more detailed account, look at mo's tour blog ( See you all again soon!!


At 11:16 PM, Blogger Michael Arthur said...

Welcome home . . .


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